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Henriksen/Benedetto Amps  Nate Mender, Peter Henriksen, Bill Neale (with Benedetto Carino-10) Bob BenedettoBob Benedetto, Chairman, and Bill Neale, President, Benedetto Amps, introduced the Benedetto Carino™ Series Combo Amps in November 2014. Handcrafted in America by Peter Henriksen at his Colorado workshop, the two models, Carino-10 and Carino-12, are lightweight and voiced for the jazz guitarist. Per Benedetto: “I think of our amps as an appendage of the guitar…no unnecessary frills or gimmicks, just straight ahead, honest perfection… the Carino™ Series is a true jazz guitar lover’s amp.” “The Carino™ preamp was voiced to be more ‘Benedetto like’, which is a brighter and livelier tone that you get from a well-made archtop” says Neale. Available world-wide from benedettoamps.com

Bob Benedetto

Bob Benedetto with Cremona and CarinosBOB BENEDETTO is widely acknowledged as today’s foremost maker of archtop guitars. Born in the Bronx, New York in 1946, he made his first jazz guitar in 1968. He has crafted guitars for many noted jazz players including Bucky Pizzarelli, Chuck Wayne, Joe Diorio, Cal Collins, Johnny Smith, Howard Alden, Jimmy Bruno, Kenny Burrell and Pat Martino (collectively known as “The Benedetto Players”). His guitars appear on countless recordings and TV & film soundtracks, and in videos, books, magazines, museums (including the Smithsonian Institution) and concerts worldwide. In 2014, along with business partner Bill Neale, he started Benedetto Amps, a long-time dream fulfilled.

Bill Neale, President of Benedetto Amps

Bill Neale Pres of Benedetto Amps at Studio Theatre, The Villages, with Benny Veteran guitarist Bill Neale has a stellar biography as a stage performer, recording artist, producer and studio musician, including extensive tours and recordings that include a five year tenure as lead guitarist with Motown’s “The Temptations”. In addition, Bill also performed with artists Deniece Williams (Let’s Hear It For The Boy), Sammy Davis, Jr., The Spinners and recorded with The Stylistics, Helen Reddy, Teddy Pendergrass and more. Bill was the guitarist for all Chuck Barris Television Shows including “The Gong Show” and is a recipient of both an RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum record award for his work. A Benedetto Player since 1996, Bill is currently President of Benedetto Amps and also guitarist for the new “Studio Theatre” in The Villages, Florida where he performed in a series of musicals throughout the 2017 season.

Bill Neale with The Temptations. 1970sBill Neale, DHR Music, with Benny Bubina off-off 2010Bill Neale on Bob Miles World of Guitar, 1990sJoel Cross and Bill Neale DHR Music Experience Opening 2009Bob Miles Bill Neale Bucky Pizzarelli 1990sBill Neale and Chuck Barris 1984Jeff "Skunk' Baxter and Bill Neale, Dalls Guitar Show, 2010Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter and Bill Neale perform at Dallas Guitar Show 2010James Brown and Bill Neale, NYC, circa 1971About Benedetto Amps by Bill Neale, PresidentBill Neale with Bravo Dlx & Santa, Nashville, 2011Bill Neale (with Benny and Carino-12) and John Gaffney, Sharon Morse Center, The VillagesBill Neale with Benedetto Bambino and Carino-10 ampBob Benedetto and Bill Neale duo with Carino-10, The VillagesBill Neale strikes a pose!Jazz Trio Bill Neale Tom LaVenia Bob Benedetto with Carino-10 amps Feb 2016Fly me to the Moon video Benedetto Amps Bill Neale Orion Trio 2016Sharon Studio The Villages Inaugural Season 2016-17Bill Neale in Tuxedo News Years Eve 2015 newsflash Benedetto Amps2Benedetto Amps Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2015Peter Henriksen, Bob Benedetto, Bill Neale with Carino control panel ColoradoMcDonald's French Fry Goblin 1979 ad featuring Bill NealeBill Neale President Benedetto Amps 2015Bill Neale and Sean McGowan Summer NAMM 2015 Booth 1128 7-9-15Bill Neale and Bob Benedetto look over Benedetto Amp components March 2015 DenverHenriksen/Benedetto Amps Nate Mender, Peter Henriksen, Bill Neale (with Benedetto Carino-10) Bob BenedettoBill Neale's RIAA certifcation as songwriter, Willennium CD, 2001Bill Neale & Chuck Barris, Gong Show, 1978Bill Neale (rear left) with the TemptationsBill Neale performed on Helen Reddy's Best Christmas Everthe-temptations-live-in-japanthe-temptations-a-song-for-youhelen-reddy-minute-by-minute-bill-neale-guitarthe_temptations_allthemillionsellersdeneice-williams-neicy-album-bill-neale-guitarist-on-its-gonna-take-a-miracleBill Neale and Tito Jacksondeneice-williams-love-songs-cd-bill-nealebill-neale-next-to-normal-studio-theatre-2016


the_temptations_-_emperors_of_soulBill Neale performs weekly at the First Presbyterian Church of Leesburg FLBill Neale's Carino-12 amp in the pit at Jesus Christ Superstar 2017Bill Neale performs in Jesus Christ Superstar 2017Veteran Motown Guitarist Bill Neale May 2017

Bill Neale's Benedetto Carino-10 amp and Bambino Motown's The Miracles Concert 2017