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Is the Carino a tube or solid state amplifier? +

The Carino is Analog Solid State technology which provides a warm, full and rich jazz tone.

Are 120 watts enough power for the Carino in larger venues? +

Absolutely!  You will find that the Carino provides plenty of clean headroom for clubs, concert halls and outdoor venues.

The Carino Series amps are made by Henriksen, Inc. What defines the difference in the two brands? +

When we asked Peter Henriksen to build our amp, we did so knowing that his amps are well built and have been time tested over the past several years. At the same time, Bob Benedetto had his own ideas as to what he wanted in an amplifier. Everything from the look of the amp, the traditional volume, bass, mid, treble settings, etc. Also, from a technical perspective, the Benedetto Carino preamp has a similar circuit philosophy, but a different design and different components than the Henriksen amp which gives the Carino its own unique voice. The Carino preamp was voiced to be more “Benedetto like”, which is a brighter and livelier tone that you get from a well made archtop.

I would like to purchase a Carino amp. However, without having an opportunity of trying one first, what if I don't like it? +

This is certainly understandable.  If you are considering a Carino and have questions, please feel free to contact us at bill@benedettoamps.com. We will be glad to discuss every feature about the amp to make sure that it will fit your need. In addition, once you receive your Carino you will have the opportunity of playing it for 2 days risk free.  We are confident that you will love it!  However, if for any reason you are not totally satisfied, you can ship it back for a full refund. **The amp must be returned in “new” condition.

There are many different amps in the market place. Why should I consider a Benedetto? +

The Benedetto Carino Series are high quality amplifiers and are handcrafted in Peter Henriksen’s custom shop in Arvada, Colorado. In addition, each amp is assembled one-at-a-time by highly skilled technicians.  As a builder of fine archtop guitars, Bob Benedetto has invested many years of playing through a variety of different amps.  And with his development of the Carino Series, Bob now has an amp that is good enough to be called a “Benedetto”. By the way, Bob uses the Carino-10 on all of his gigs. Check out our website and facebook page for photos.

Do both the Carino-10 and Carino-12 have a Line Out? +

Yes, both models now have a Studio Grade Line Out.